DLAS is the abbreviation of ” Des Larmes Au Sourire” (From Tears To Smile) which sums up my personal story in few words. Behind my happy go lucky attitude, I spent a lot time crying. Sorrow filled my heart thinking about my childhood story . How to accept to such a distant and painful episode of my life but yet represent the foundation of my identity ? I couldn’t accept the fact that I was not born in a hospital, that mum not only abandoned me but left me in a rubbish bin.

An identity crisis that kept on increasing all throughout my adolescence. I always tried to hide my pain behind my smile, until my mother advised me one day to confront this burden by telling my story to lighten my heart.

Free from this weighed, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and decided to move forward and start blossoming. It is with this state of mind that I started freeing my potential , ma creativity, my ambition and to indeed make my story, my strength.

It is then that I decided to create the association ” Des Larmes au Sourire” (From Tears to Smile) which goal is to support orphans. I also pushed myself even further to create the fashion week project, which allowed me align my passion for fashion which served to collect funds to give away to charities.

My principle ambition can be concluded through these following words: smile and cheerfulness! Communicate and transfer joy to everybody for an instant in time: the time of DLAS Fashion Week by Marie Mbe.

Marie MBE